Anonymous: :) cool, well it wouldn't be right if I didn't say a little bit about myself as well. My favorite color is (you won't believe it): Green as well. I'm an unsusually happy person and I say that because I'm in such a good mood 24/7 that I've been asked what drug I was using.( for the record I don't do anything it's jut how I am) I am touchy too, most people can't meet me without being hugged once or if they pique my interested hugged and lifted off the ground :3 Oh, and my hobby is drawing -T

that’s awesome you sound really great! I also love to draw :3 chances are I’m not as good as you but it’s definitely something I like to do.

Anonymous: Okay, well for the sake of introduction I wanna know how you see yourself: would you mind a description of yourself? :) (other than whats in your bio :P ) -T

okay just so you know I ammmm working now so my replied may be varied in time so I hope that’s okay!

hmm description of myself.

well I’m a big girl so there’s no denying that & I really like music a lot. I can’t play it but I definitely love listening to it. I love video games all different kinda I just love playing & getting lost and I also really like watching people play.

I’m really intimate with people. I really like being close to people & touching them (not in a sexual way). I don’t know it’s weird but I’m super personal with people I don’t have what people call a ‘bubble.’ that doesn’t exist for me, I welcome people in my bubble.

I’m really friendly in person even though I’m a little awkward at first, just takes me some time to break out of my shell.

my favourite colour is green & I fucking love scooby doo more than life itself & I really like pistachio nuts.

I hate really big crows except at warped tour bc I feel like everyone is just so united.

uhmmmm. I can’t think of anything else haha

Anonymous: Hey :) I just thought I should let you know sometime that I think you are pretty cute :3 I would love to get to know you more and I plan on asking a ton more questions ;) for now just call me T.

this is awesome feel free to ask me all the questions you want, T! :3 I’m excited haha & thanks for compliment omg

Anonymous: 81

81. Five people you find attractive
Sary, Matty, this girl Rachel i recently met on tumblr damn she fine, p!nk, & zac efron man idk there are so many people

Anonymous: Describe your idea of a perfect day with a friend :)

perfect day with a friend?? hmm thats a tough one bc it kind of depends on the friend right?

well basically i guess it would just be like, going to get something to eat whether it be fast food or like, a restaraunt & then going back to their place & hangout, play video games, watch movies an all that. just generally chill. (:


people that are dorks but also sexually attractive need to either stay away from me or get very very close to me